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Articles (selected)

  • ‘Industrial policy change in the post-crisis British economy: policy innovation in an incomplete institutional and ideational environment’, British Journal of Politics and International Relations, 2016, 18(4), 829-847, DOI: 0.1177/1369148116667650.
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Research reports and think-pieces (selected)

  • The Real Deal: Pushing the Parameters of Devolution Deals, SPERI/CLES, 2016.
  • The Rising Tide of Gerontocracy, Intergenerational Foundation, 2016.
  • Take the long road: pension fund investments and economic stagnation, International Longevity Centre-UK, 2015.
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  • [with Dylan Kneale & David Sinclair] The Spending Review 2010: intergenerational perceptions of fairness, cuts and economic recovery, International Longevity Centre-UK.
  • The future of retirement, International Longevity Centre-UK, 2010.
  • Public service broadcasting in the digital age, Compass, 2007.

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SPERI British Political Economy Briefs

  • UK Manufacturing Decline Since the Crisis in Historical Perspective, October 2016.
  • [with Tom Hunt, Scott Lavery and Will Vittery] UK Regions and European Structural and Investment Funds, May 2016.
  • [with Chris Kirkland, Scott Lavery and Tom Hunt] UK Regions, the European Union and Manufacturing Exports, May 2016.
  • [with Andrew Gamble, Colin Hay, Tom Hunt and Tony Payne] Reforming the Treasury, reorienting British capitalism, March 2016.
  • [with Tom Hunt and Laura White] Public infrastructure investment and business activity in the English regions, September 2015.
  • [with Colin Hay] Has the UK economy been rebalanced? July 2015.
  • Conservative support in Northern England at the 2015 general election, June 2015.
  • [with Chris Kirkland] The relationship between deprivation and UKIP’s electoral support, April 2015.
  • The UK housing market and stamp duty reform, March 2015.
  • [with Chris Kirkland] Income tax revenue and economic change in the UK, December 2014.
  • The relationship between economic growth and population growth, September 2014.
  • [with Laura White] Local authority spending cuts and the 2014 English local elections, July 2014.
  • [with Daniel Bailey] The evolution of the UK tax base, June 2014.
  • The regional impact of increasing the personal tax allowance, March 2014.
  • Sterling depreciation and the UK trade balance, February 2014.
  • Pay in manufacturing and finance, January 2014.

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Blog posts

I am a regular contributor to several online publications, including Open DemocracyThe LSE British Politics and Policy Blog, Huffington PostThe Conversation and SPERI Comment.

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